Black Ink Horror

Black Ink Horror BLACK INK HORROR is our flagship publication. This journal of horror fiction and illustration is offered in a trade hardcover format and features dozens of full page pen-and-ink illustrations.
BLACK INK HORROR Issue #7 (Trade Paperback) Yes $9.00
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The premier horror fiction and illustration journal is back with it’s seventh issue. This issue features 11 new tales of horror fiction and 22 full-page pen-and-ink illustrations. Black Ink Horror is the dark storybook for adults. Horror never looked so good.


The Passage of Empires
by Michael McBride
Illustrated by Tom Moran

Voices in the Crawlspace
by Pete Mesling
Illustrated by Geff Bartrand

The Painting
by Aaron J. French
Illustrated by Stella

Not Yet Players
by Frank Duffy
Illustrated by Tom Moran

Loosely Enforced Rules
by Anthony J. Rapino
Illustrated by Jacob Parmentier

Some Things Aren’t Anything
Erik T. Johnson
Illustrated by Meghan Hakes

The Walls Have Ears…and Eyes…and Mouths
by David Greske
Illustrated by Tony Karnes

The House of Stained Hands
by Lorna D. Keach
Illustrated by Stella

Peter Peter
by John Boden
Illustrated by Geff Bartrand

On the Corner of Woodbury
by Philip Roberts
Illustrated by Erik Adriel Peterson

Bloodwork and Synethesia
by Vince Darcangelo
Tony Karnes

BREAKING EGGS by Newton & Soares [TP] Yes $15.00
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From Kurt Newton and L.L. Soares comes a twisted tale of  murder, family bonds, and redemption.

Martin is a mob cleaner for the Vanducci crime family. When their boss needs some people erased, he and his partner, Big Phil, round them up, retreat to Vanducci’s cabin in the Vermont countryside and do what Martin does best…”break some eggs”.  Although he gets little joy from his career, he is paid well and the mob is the only family he knows.  Still, he reminisces about simpler times–times spent on his loving grandfather’s farm…

When Karl Merriweather passes away, he leaves behind a brood of eight adopted Romanian orphans.  With their father dead and rotting on the kitchen floor, Gheorghe and Nina, the eldest of the group, lead their young brothers and sisters off the family farm in search of help.  Their short trek leads them to the Vanducci cabin and to horrors that rival those of their homeland.

When Martin and Big Phil return to the cabin to dispatch their latest victims, they soon discover that they are not alone.  However, the damaged orphans are far from defenseless, and a deadly encounter soon leads to an unexpected alliance and a war between a mafioso hit squad and a band of misfit children.

And when the smoke clears…heads will roll.

Trade Paperback edition is signed by both authors and numbered 1-100.

Illustrated by Tony Karnes and Tom Moran

DARK TREATS by Mark Allan Gunnells (TP) Yes $11.00
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From Mark Allan Gunnells, author of WHISONANT, ASYLUM, and TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT  comes five tales set on the horror lover’s favorite holiday…Halloween. A master of short fiction, Gunnells presents stories that span the complete spectrum of horror fiction, each perfectly capturing the whimsy of this magical holiday.  This collection includes:

“Halloween Returns to Bradbury” – Tired of the how soft and gimmicky his favorite holiday has become, Satan decides that a little intervention is needed.

“The Neighborhood that Halloween Forgot” – After decorating his new home for Halloween, a young man discovers that the holiday is not loved by all.

“My Last Halloween” – A boy on the cusp of adolescence learns a hard lesson when he sneaks out to trick-or-treat.

“Treats” – A mother and her young child fight for their lives when a mysterious “treat” reveals its frightful secret.

“Family Plot” – A young woman makes a chilling discovery at a local cemetery, leading her to a chilling discovery.

  • 5.5 x 8.5 Trade paperback
  • 130 pages
  • Illustrated by Tom Moran
  • Includes bonus story “Family Plot”
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