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DARK TREATS by Mark Allan Gunnells (Digital) Yes $1.50
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From Mark Allan Gunnells, author of WHISONANT, ASYLUM, and TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT  comes four tales set on the horror lover’s favorite holiday…Halloween. A master of short fiction, Gunnells presents stories that span the complete spectrum of horror fiction, each perfectly capturing the whimsy of this magical holiday.  This collection includes:

“Halloween Returns to Bradbury” – Tired of the how soft and gimmicky his favorite holiday has become, Satan decides that a little intervention is needed.

“The Neighborhood that Halloween Forgot” – After decorating his new home for Halloween, a young man discovers that the holiday is not loved by all.

“My Last Halloween” – A boy on the cusp of adolescence learns a hard lesson when he sneaks out to trick-or-treat.

“Treats” – A mother and her young child fight for their lives when a mysterious “treat” reveals its frightful secret.

MOUNTAINS OF SMOKE by Frank Duffy (Digital) Yes $2.99
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by Frank Duffy

Once, Rock Hill was a place of happiness. The ancient castle sat on the ledge, overlooking the river below and the old forest on the opposite banks. It infected everyone who entered it, drove them silly with admiration and awe. It was a place of happiness, where, for ten years, their child grew up and their books wrote themselves.

Then came that faithful winter, and with it…a death.

His world destroyed, the writer now sits in his study, creating his dark and horrific fiction. Around him, the house falls into ruin, its crumbling walls a fitting representation of his decaying sanity.

Something now lives in the river below, and she serves as his muse, his inspiration. And in return, he feeds her.

Her appetite is insatiable…

Frank Duffy’s MOUNTAINS OF SMOKE is a modern gothic tale of love, loss, and obsession.  Filled with beautiful and dark imagery and stunningly potent prose, it will captivate you from beginning to shocking end.

10,000 words

Sisters by Brian Knight (digital edition) Yes $3.75
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SISTERS by Brian Knight

From the author of DRAGONFLY, BROKEN ANGEL, and SEX, DEATH & HONEY comes a collection of five dark tales illustrating the resiliency of the female spirit.


“Sister” – They found her inside a trash bin when she was nine months old. She lived; Sister didn’t. Now 13, Sister has become a permanent voice in her head. One that tells her things she shouldn’t know. One that wants control.

“Go Girls Rule!” – Once, Jill was a child star. In front of the camera, she acted along side her sisters in the immensely popular TV show, The Go Girls. Behind the scenes, she was victimized by her adopted father and show producer. Now a prostitute, Jill lives in the constant shadow of her past celebrity. When a villain from her past returns, one who should be dead, the Go Girls will have to reunite one final time.

“Toys in the Attic” – Trapped in the attic, abandoned by their mother, Beth and Jamie fight to survive the solitude, their hunger, their fears, and The Place They Don’t Dare Go…

“I Am the Coyote, I Am the Snake” – Abducted by a biker gang when she was only thirteen, she’s been kept drugged and addicted, traded from biker to biker, forced to service her men without question. She is a slave with no real identity, no will, no hope. But everything changes when she is traded to Samus…

“Dakota” – Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dakota has only months to live. While she wrestles with her own mortality, she teaches her devastated and weary mother a lesson about love, life, and what it means to truly live.

19,000 words

The Buzz of Flies by Tom Moran Yes $3.00
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Tim Mason and his children have seen more than their fair share of trouble in the past year.  The sudden departure of his long-term girlfriend has left the family fractured, and his 12-year-old son, Justin, holds him to blame.  Now, a brutal heat wave threatens the farm and their livelihood.

When the carnival comes to town, Tim decides the kids could use some cheering up.  Unable to make the event himself, he entrusts the care of his young daughter to Justin. Franklin is a small farming town where nothing bad ever happens, and Justin is old enough to watch out for them both.

But as a night of fun turns nightmarish, Tim’s caring gesture sets in motion a horrifying chain of events that could destroy his family.

9,000 words

THE MONEY RUN: A FIELD GUIDE by Sam W. Anderson Yes $2.99
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From Sam W. Anderson comes a collection of  tales from his popular “Money Run” series. In this world, the unmarked back roads and deserted highways of America serve as the arteries for the true, black heart of this country. Prostitution, human slavery, drug trafficking, murder…these are the clandestine and illicit industries that  fuel the nation.  The Money run stories present colorful, flawed, but strangely lovable characters who frequent these dangerous back roads, and the trials they face daily in their twisted lives on “the Run”.

This collection contains the three Money Run stories from POSTCARDS FROM PURGATORY as well as a brand new, never before published tale.  Also includes an introduction by the author.  Fans of this series will not want to miss the opportunity to have the original tales together for the first time.


  • Of Lot Lizards, Love and Money
  • Degrees of Persuasion
  • Tossing Butch, Saving Theodore
  • Getting Warmer (Brand new story!)

Wordcount: About 24,000

The Smell of Cherries by Jeffrey Goddin - Digital Edition Yes $1.50
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“The Smell of Cherries”

Jeffrey Goddin

Taylor has never done the Coleman Trucking shift before, but he has heard the stories. Set off the beaten path just past an old World War II military base, the secluded location should be an easy stint. However, rumor has it that they have trouble keeping guards there.

They say the men get spooked.

And that was one of the main reasons he took the midnight shift on this quiet holiday weekend. At heart, he is a romantic, and he craves a bit of excitement and mystery. After all, he’d faced down armed crooks and wrestled coke-out thieves before, so he figures some superstition-fueled rumors won’t bother him.

He’s so wrong.

Before the night is done, Taylor will come face-to-face with the area’s tragic and nightmarish history and learn that there really are things that go bump in the night…

5,000 words

*Note*  A fully-illustrated deluxe hardcover edition limited to no more than 26 copies will be available in early 2011.

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